About us :

Precision Bearing House ®    
(more than 25 Years in Business)                                   


The ultimate objective of Precision Bearing House is to provide the Customer with the highest quality product and service.


We aim at providing our customers with world-class products. 

We import products from South Korea, Taiwan, Singapore, Germany, the USA, etc.


We offer our products as components or assembled complete solutions, for example, Linear Motion Guide, Ball Screw can be bought from us or we can provide complete solutions (Actuators) with Stepper Motor. Similarly, Aluminium Profiles can be purchased from us or we can provide Workstations, Conveyors, or Assemblies as per your drawing. 


* Hardened and ground shafts cut and machined to your requirements.    
* Ball screws cut and machined to your requirements.    
* Profile rail guides cut and machined to your requirements.    
* Linear modules and slides assembled to your requirements    
* Aluminium profile building products, cut, drilled and tapped, ready for you to assemble.

* All work is done in-house by fully experienced people

About Us

We are a team of passionate people whose goal is to improve everyone's life through disruptive products. We build great products to solve your business problems.

Our products are designed for every company willing to optimize their performance.