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Precision Bearing House is  a 25 year old company with HQ in New Delhi & branches in Chennai and Ahmedabad.  We are the manufacturer, importer & exporter of Industrial Components used in Industrial Automation. 

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Maxima Aluminium Profile  

Maxima Aluminium Profile & Accessories   

Maxima Aluminium Profile, T Slot Extruded Aluminium Profile,  T Nut, T Bolt, Bracket, End Cap, Cover Strip, Slot Block, Handle, Hinge.  

Maxima Stepper Motor Drive  

Maxima Stepper Motor & Drive

2 Phase, 3 Phase Stepper Motor & Drives. Nema 17, Nema 23, Nema 34, Name 42 

Maxima Step Servo  

Maxima Step Servo

2 Closed Loop Stepper Motor and Drive. Available in Nema 23 & Name 34 


Maxima Belt Conveyor 

Maxima Belt Conveyor with Aluminium Profile frame, with variable speed ac motor and speed controller

Maxima Actuator 

Made in India 

Ball Screw Actuator             Belt Actuator

  • High Positional Accuracy

  • Excellent Repeatability 

  • High Load Carying Capacity 

Linear Guide 

Linear Guide

Made in Taiwan 

  • High Accuracy

  • Low Noise    

  • Smooth Operation

  • 4-Groove Even Load Design  

  • Oil Retainer in Circulation System       

Ball Screw

Ball Screw

Made in Taiwan 

  • Rolled Ball Screw

  • C7 Accuracy 

  • Low Noise   

  • Smooth Operation

  • High Lead Ball Screws Available

Maxima Linear Bearing

Maxima® Linear Bearing
  • Linear Bearing

  • Flange Type Linear Bearing

  • Linear Bearing with Case

  • Shaft Support Blocks

Maxima Hardened Ground Shaft

Maxima® Hardened & Ground Shaft 
  • Shaft g6 Tolerance

  • Case hardened 

Maxima Coupling

Maxima® Coupling
  • Old Ham Coupling

  • Jaw Flex Coupling

  • Radial Beam Coupling