[Digital Drive for Stepper Motor 2P]

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* Maxima Digital Stepper Drive for Stepper Motor.
* Selectable Microstep Resolution Setting.
* Output Current (Peak) 8.4 A.
* Supply voltage 50~80V.
* Alarm output function I/O ports.
* Alarm clear input ENA.

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*Key Features* * The new 32-bit DSP technology * Optically isolated differential inputs (26LS32) * Extra-low noise and vibration * Built 500 high octave segments (segments selected value) * 4,6,8 lines can drive two-phase stepper motor * Current settings can be arbitrarily choose between ratings * Stationary current is automatically halved * Pulse frequency response up to 250KHz * Overvoltage, undervoltage, short circuit protection * Alarm output function I / O ports * Alarm clear input ENA Introduction 2DM860 is newest digital stepper motor driver uses the latest 32-bit DSP control technology, the user can set any segment within 25600 and multi-range current value within rated current,with built-in micro technology,2DM860 driver greatly improved stability and reduced noise under subdivision. Integrating automatic parameter tuning function inside.it also can adjust the optimal operation parameters automatically for different motors to maximize the performance of the motor.