2DM 556


[Maxima 2-Phase Stepper Drive]

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* Maxima 2 Phase Digital Stepper Drive for Stepper Motor
* Selectable Micro-Step Resolution Setting.
* Output Current (Peak) 5.6 Amp
* Supply voltage 24 ~ 60V
* Alarm output function I/O ports.
* Pulse frequency response Max. 200kHz

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-------Most Advance Stepper Motor Drive-------

 Advantages :

  • Extremely Low Noise
  • Anti-Resonance One of the setback in Stepper Motor system is the Resonance. Dm Series automatically overcome the resonance with its Control Torque Algorithm. This results in better Mid-Frequency stability and higher Torque Output at Higher Speeds.
  • Micro-Step Interpolation MicroStep are automatically inserted within a Full stop to provide a more fine step resulting in a smoother motion.
  • Low Speed Torque Smoothing Better Current Loop Control at low speed reduces Harmonic components and improving the low speed performance substantially.
  • Input Signal Smoothing Dynamic Acceleration and Deceleration filtering provides a smooth S-Curve Start/Stop Motion reducing mechanical wear and tear


Electric data:

  • DC input voltage range of 24~60V (36V typical)
  • The output current of 1.4~5.6A
  • The input pulse frequency 250KHZ
  • Logic input 10MA
  • Pulse low electrical level time 2.5 US


Working environment:

  • Operating temperature:  0 ~ + 50 °C
  • The storage temperature:    -20 °C ~ + 80 °C
  • Humidity: 40 ~ 90 % RH
  • Cooling method: Natural cooling or forced air cooling
  • The weight is about 280 gram